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ASC 60 - Instagram Selections

selections from the asc_cybernetics instagram feed - "archiving archiving" - Mark Sullivan - 6-17

Published onJun 22, 2024
ASC 60 - Instagram Selections

David Familian presenting his work Cybernetics, Computational Art, and Complex Systems

Johannes Herwig-Lempp conversation on his work Let's Play Facting.

Cybernetics is Dead! Long Live Cybernetics!

Relevance, Value, Futures - ASC at 60 - Paul Pangaro presenting her work

The History of EEG Research in Cybernetics and Artistic Expression: Biological Feedback and Structural Coupling.

asc_cybernetics Seiichiro Honjo presenting his work Brand Management as Cybernetic Practice.

Sami Imab Harb and Benjamin Stevenson presenting their work The life, death, and afterlife of second-order cybernetics in family therapy: Reflections on the paradigmatic shift to

Erik Zepka's conversation on his work The Systematic Evolution of Laboratories of Cognition.

José Cabral Filho presenting his work

Playing With Non-trivial Black Boxes: Cybernetics for loving and living

Towards a Typology of Circularities

Charissa N. Terranova presenting her work Bodies in Feedback: Somateleology as Mind in Contemporary Art

Archiving the Systems Counterculture Archive || On Second-Order Archival Futures || Archiving

Archiving Cybernetics

Benjamin Bacon presenting his work


Mateus van Stralen and Jose Cabral presenting their work Meeting - Playing - Learning: Strategies for learning environments in academic gatherings

paulpangaro ASC 60th Anniversary meeting-in Washington

DC-opening session with @litradesign Claudia Westermann, conference chair

Vivian Xu presenting her work Skin Series:

Perceptual Prostetics Through Sensorial Worlds

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