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Pedretti Messages

Published onJun 28, 2024
Pedretti Messages

The following image is an adapted version of the form that Annetta Pedretti used in the production of her “little books” at ASC conferences in the 1990s and 2000s. Using this form, conference participants could send messages to one another; forms were then compiled as part of the books.

In the interest of producing a multi-media zine (and increasing variety in the forms of our conversations), we invite you to submit a message using a voice recording. Here are some possible instructions:

  • using whatever voice recording technology is available on your computer or phone (voice memos on iPhone or Google voice recording app on Android phone, for instance), record a message using the format suggested in the Pedretti form above

  • send the message to a place where you can upload (I recorded on my phone then used Airdrop to get it to my computer desktop)

  • on this page ( click the “media” button on the top banner, select video, audio, or other as appropriate on left-side panel, then drag and drop file (everything is automatically saved; you don’t have to do anything to save it)

  • if you wish, feel free to add text to annotate, etc.


    Message from Kate Doyle to jude lombardi, June 28, 2024

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