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1. Prototyping Conversation

Published onSep 18, 2022
1. Prototyping Conversation


Our studio is a cybernetic workshop in which participants explore new modes of constructing conversation. Our (adaptable) goal is to provide participants with vocabularies and processes of prototyping — experimenting, improvising, and playing with expressive forms as means of interaction, observation, and feedback. Participants can expect to journey toward a destination determined only by their continuous adaptation of traces marked in sound, gesture, and image. We propose that, by prototyping new modes of conversation, participants become aware of the experience of navigating “wicked challenges” — thus allowing a greater variety of identities and ideas to emerge.

Studio Leaders

Damian Chapman — design education, research design, photography, cybernetics

Kate Doyle — musical analysis, conceptual art practice, creative archiving, cybernetics

Thomas J McLeish — design education, data visualization, fabrication, cybernetics

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