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5. Art as Steersmanship

Resources, Notes, Questions - Art, Cybernetics, and Steersmanship

Published onJul 10, 2022
5. Art as Steersmanship


Art as steersmanship. As Maxine Green showed, art looks at openings to alternative realities, makes the petrified world speak, sing, and dance, creates places for perceiving the unexplored, and thinking of things as if they could be otherwise. Join a discussion of intimations of more desirable and multisensory social orders

mark sullivan:

Discussion Notes (coming)

mark sullivan:

We settled on these questions

How can art and cybernetics help to go beyond what is claimed possible, to discover or create new possibilities, or even to pull them from the “impossible?”

How could art and cybernetics guide efforts to add to the projects directed at the needs and dilemmas acutely specific to younger generations in ways that enable connection with the experience and understanding of the older generations?

How can art and cybernetics respond to, and prevent, the insidiuousnes (K. Bateson) of creating utopian solutions for some that become the dystopian nightmares and realities of many others?