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3. Radiant Circles — Cybernetic Musings on Resonant Forms

Published onJul 09, 2022
3. Radiant Circles — Cybernetic Musings on Resonant Forms


Through resonance, works of art and design are centering. In openness to expansion, they grant agency. They create closure and consummation, but never stasis. They are circular. Join us to explore how Gordon Pask’s ‘conversation’ as aesthetic experience initiates ontogenetic resilience. 

Via an excursion to Chinese Gardens and an installation that involves mushrooms making electronic music, we will introduce what could be called ‘technologies for floating.’ Becoming comfortable with ‘floating’ is what every embedded observer/agent needs to learn. It is essential for ‘conversation’ in the Paskian sense. How could we conceive of ‘technologies for floating’ to assist with learning to float? Performing as ‘radiant circles’ such technologies - we argue - would help us to actualise a cybernetic approach to ontogenetic resilience.

The aim of the workshop is to develop - for particular situations - ideas for the design of ‘technologies for floating’ that foster a sense of openness to the permutations of the systems we are embedded in.

Questions generated by the participants after Session I

  1. How do we make novelty timeless?

  2. What strategies exist for an aesthetics of becoming?

  3. Where is the threshold between understanding nature and the meaningful experience of it?


Depending on how many participants there are, we might use the wonder platform for parts of the workshop rather than just a zoom breakout room. We will discuss it with the participants after the general introductory session once we have gathered in our zoom breakout room.

You are welcome, however, to explore the wonder platform and space before we start.

You can explore the space here: Radiant Circles Studio Space on

Unfortunately, wonder will not run on a tablet or phone. You will need to have either Firefox, Edge or a Google chrome browser installed on a computer. Safari will not work. No other software is required. Your computer should have a camera, microphone, and audio output, but you will also need this for zoom.

Participants will be asked to create an account when they connect to the wonder platform for the first time.

Here is a brief video explaining how the platform works

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