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1. Prototyping Conversation / Fail-Fast-Cycles-to-Learn

by Damian Chapman, Kate Doyle, Thomas J McLeish

Published onJul 09, 2022
1. Prototyping Conversation / Fail-Fast-Cycles-to-Learn


Our studio will prototype a cybernetic workshop in which participants explore new modes of conversation through prototyping – experimenting, improvising, and playing with alternate forms as means of interaction, observation, and feedback. Participants can expect to journey toward a destination determined only by the continuous adaptation of their traces in sound, gesture, and visual mark-making. This studio's (adaptable) goal is to provide participants with expanded vocabularies of prototyping for use in diverse settings and travels.   

Studio Leaders

Damian Chapman — design education, research design, photography, cybernetics

Kate Doyle — musical analysis, conceptual art practice, creative archiving, cybernetics

Thomas J McLeish — design education, data visualization, fabrication, cybernetics

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