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#NewMacy Walk

Published onJun 26, 2024
#NewMacy Walk

On this calm Sunday morning, I (Josefine) walked from the bus station to the DC Arts Center, passing across the Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge with a view of Walter Pierce Park along the way — and while I was walking over the bridge (as recorded in the audio snippet below), the only sounds I heard were birds, my footsteps on the concrete path, the wind, and distant sounds of cars slowly coming closer and passing by, all merging in a rhythm.

Walking to the #NewMacy Walk

During our walk to and through the Smithsonian National Zoo, I both listened to and participated in many snippets of conversations. One of these extended conversations was with Peter Tuddenham about his beginnings in cybernetics and his first/memorable ASC conference (this topic was a thread throughout my conversations over the weekend, as I was curious to hear stories about ASC conference experiences, with this being my first). As Peter says in the audio snippet below, the recording moves from a “cacophony of voices” to zooming in on our conversation.

Conversation(s) with Peter Tuddenham

This is the image I mentioned to Peter when he talked about the exercise in recursions & feedback — this tiny moment is one of the many connections I made during the walk and over the weekend, linking people, memories, objects, and cybernetic concepts, principles and ideas which I understand as an example/practice of ‘observing one’s observing’?

one of the princelet editions, 1985

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I (Kate), went for a walk with Josefine and others in the #NewMacy group. We walked from the DCArts Center to the Smithsonian National Zoo.

At the zoo, Annan Zuo focused our attentions to the sounds of our environment.

sound exercise |

sound exercise ||

Annan’s session is featured here.

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